CHST 502 Church History I

Reference Sources

General Sources

  • Chronology of World History: Prehistory - AD 1491 (ABC-CLIO, 1999) [Ref. D11 .M3]
  • Charts of Ancient and Medieval Church History (Zondervan, 2001) [examples]
  • Historical Atlas of Christianity, 2nd rev. and expanded ed.[Ref. G1046 .E4 L5 2001]
  • History World Timelines
  • New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd ed.
  • New Westminster Dictionary of Church History (Westminster, 2008) [Ref. BR95 .W496]
  • Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, 3rd ed. revised
  • The Cambridge History of Christianity
    • vol. 1:  Origins to Constantine [270.1 O692o]
    • vol. 2:  Constantine to c. 600 [270.2 C7585c]
    • vol. 3:  Early Medieval Christianities, c. 600 - c. 1100 [BR252 .E27]
    • vol. 4:  Christianity in Western Europe, c. 1100 - c. 1500 [BR252 .C36]
  • Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition, vol 1 (ancient, Eastern, and medieval creeds) [Ref. BT990 .C64]
  • For more reference sources see: Reference Works


  • Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (Garland, 1997) [Ref. BR162.2 .E5]
  • Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Wiley, 2014)
  • Encyclopedia of the Early Church (Oxford, 1992) [Ref. BR66.5 .D5813]
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (Liturgical Press, 1992) [Ref. BR95 .K395]
  • Dictionary of Early Christian Literature (Herder and Herder, 2000) [Ref. BR66.5 L4813]
  • Westminster Handbook to Patristic Theology (Westminster Press, 2004) [Ref. BR162.3 .M38]

Middle Ages

  • The Crusades: An Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO, 2006) [Ref. D155 .C78]
  • Dictionary of the Middle Ages [Ref. D114.D5]
  • Encyclopedia of Monasticism (Fitzroy Dearborn, 2000) [Ref. BL631 .J85]
  • The New Cambridge Medieval History, 7 vols. (Cambridge, 1995-2005) [Ref. D117 .N48]
  • Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages
  • Women and Gender in Medieval Europe (Routledge, 2006) [Ref. HQ1147 .E85 W66]
  • The Medieval Theologians (Blackwell, 2001) [Ref. BR253 .M38]
  • and more reference resources for Middle Ages

  • Encyclopedia of World Methodism, 1974:  vol 1 (A-K) andvol 2 (L-Z)
  • The A to Z of Methodism, 2009 [Ref. BX8211 .A2]
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The Study of History
Why Study History?

  • Jennny L. Pressnell, The Information-Literate Historian: A Guide to Research for History Students. [Ref. D16.2 .P715 2007]
  • Thomas Bender, The Education of Historians for the 21st Century
  • Michael Stanford, A Companion to the Study of History [D16.3 .S74 1994]
  • John Fea, Why Study History? Reflecting on the Importance of the Past [BR115.H5 F43 2013]
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