ECON 350 / PSCI 360 International Organizations and Economic Development

Core Databases
EconLit Restricted Resource
A comprehensive bibliography of international economic literature, with selected abstracts. Indexes over 400 major journals.

Proquest Political Science Restricted Resource Some full text available
Full text of 150 leading political science and international relations journals, especially those indexed in Worldwide Political Science.  

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts Restricted Resource
Scholarly articles on national and international topics in Political Science.

SUMMON Unrestricted Resource
Natural language, "Google-like" search across books, some journal articles, and other resources held by Drew University Library.

Boolean Search
Boolean Search Terms
AND  - Results will contain both words [anywhere, not always next to eachother].
OR - Results will contain at least one word. Example: NATO or "North Atlantic Treaty Organization".
Quotation Marks - Search for phrase. A search for "United Nations" is not the same as a search for United Nations.
Parentheses - Like in math, it searches here first. Example: Sanctions and (NATO or "North Atlantic Treaty Organization").
Star / Asterisk - Use to capture variations of the same word. Example: Wom* will include "women," "woman," "womens," "womanhood" etc. WARNING: Be mindful that you can get unintended results. "wom*" will also turn up search results for "wombs," "womanizers," and "wombats."

Common Words - Avoid these words. Examples: That, which, the, a, an.
AND NOT - Omits from search. Example: Immigration and policies and not France
NEAR - Will find the two search terms within 16 terms of one another. Example: "United Nations" and (Sanctions near Iran).

Searching with Boolean
Searching a catalog can be tricky, so we use Boolean Search Logic. 
Steps to using Boolean

1) Break your idea into nouns. "What is the UN policy on sanctions toward North Korea?"
The three key nouns are 1) UN 2) sanctions 3)  North Korea.

2) Rephrase it in boolean. Focus on tangible nouns first. "United Nations" and "Sanctions" and "North Korea". Start with an "anywhere" keyword search.

3) Narrow search results by adding to the search:  
"United Nations" and "Sanctions" and "North Korea"

4) Narrow search with Title searches. A book about  UN sanctions and North Korea  will probably have those in the title! If you are still getting too many search results, try searching for these  (and other) keywords in the "title" option.

5) Once you find a book on your topic, you can find even more using Subject or Term searches. The UN  is officially cataloged as "
United Nations", and sanctions are listed as Sanctions (International law) . Knowing this, you can find all our books on the topic. North Korea also has an official catagory, but not what you might expect: "Korea (North)" If you search for both, you can find all book covering both topics! This works especially well in WorldCat.  

The above approach works with WorldCat, our Catalog, and article/database searches!

The trick to Boolean is to recognize that it is mathematical, not linguistic. George Boole (yes, that was really his name) was a mathimatician, and his logical is like a calculus equation: A + f(B) = Ans.  Or, in our case: "United Nations" and (SubjectTerms:(Sanctions (International law))) = Books about United Nations sanctions
Finding Books
Places to Look
History is a monograph (book) heavy discipline - you will definately need books to write your paper! Relevant books can be found in a number of places.  To start, begin by searching our new Catalog. Those of you used to the old catalog can find it Here. With over 1,000,000 volumes in the University Library, we likely have something that fits your project.   If you need still more books, search WorldCat. Containing the combined catalogs of over 72,000 libraries - over 2 Billion individual items in total! - WorldCat is an excellent resource. See a book you like? Order it through InterLibraryLoan (ILL)

Reference Materials of Potential Note
Concise Encyclopedia of the United Nations - Ref KZ4968 .L4913 2010
Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law - Ref K48 .E42 2006
Encyclopedia of Law & Society: American and Global Perspectives - Ref  K583 .E53 2007
Encyclopedia of the European Union
Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements - Ref  KZ4968 .O84 2002
Handbook of International Law - Ref  KZ1250 .R68 2009
Historical Dictionary of the European Union - Ref  JN15 .R75 2006
International Law. A Dictionary - Ref  KZ1161 .B63 2005
Legal Systems of the World - Ref  K48 .L44 2002
Routledge Handbook of International Law - Ref KZ1250 .R68 2009
Texts and Materials on International Human Rights - Ref K3240 .S57 2010
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