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Scifinder FAQs
SciFinder FAQs Unrestricted Resource
Excellent compilation of "Frequently Asked Questions" about SciFinder from Univ of Texas-Austin Libraries. Overall great resource, but Drew users should ignore information specific to UT-Austin users.
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Reference searching in SciFinder
Want to search by specifc topic or author? Can't understand some of the information provided on the reference page? Go to the link below for tips on how to do this effectively. 
  • View the video below for details about searching for a specific topic. 
Video: Search for a Specific Topic
Reaction searching in SciFinder
Looking for details about a specific chemical reaction or reaction type?  Planning a synthesis project? Go to the link below to see how to do this effectively in SciFinder. In addition, find other CAS resources that provide  information about reactions of interest, e.g. catalysts, solvents, yields, and experimental procedures.
  • The video provided on this page shows how to do reaction searching.
Video: Reaction searching
Polymer searching in SciFinder
Find polymers using molecular formulas, monomers,  and/or using structural repeating units. CAS videos at the link provided show how to format a molecular formula to search for: 1. polymers made from specific monomers, 2. the structural repeating unit (SRU) of a polymerized substance, and 3. polymers with end groups.
  • View the video provided for details about how to begin a polymer search.
Video: Polymer searching
Structure searching in SciFinder
Use the Scifinder structure searching feature to search for a chemical compound, exact structure, substructure, similarity structure, or to find other information related to a structure of interest.  
  • View the video provided for easy to follow instructions about how to begin a structure search with the drawing editor. Don’t want to draw it? Use a structure from a different drawing application or start with a CAS Registry Number to automatically draw it. 
Video: Structure searching
General Topics in SciFinder
  • Video below demonstrates how to save and combine answer sets.
VIDEO: Save and Combine Search Results
Using SciPlanner
SciPlanner from SciFinder Restricted Resource
This tool provides a flexible whiteboard-like workspace where you can save and organize information from SciFinder substance, reaction, and bibliographic records. Use this tool to explore the chemistry of reactions, link substances to reactions, manipulate reactions from selected references, and share with others. 
Go mobile with SciFinder
Use SciFinder Mobile to:
  • Search references by topic, scientist or company of interest,
  • Search for information on a substance of interest, including nomenclature, molecular formula and properties
There's no app to download and no IP address restrictions; just point the Web browser on your smartphone (running the leading mobile operating systems) to or scan this QR code* (source: Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS) website): 

* QR code technology requires a smartphone with a QR code reader. SciFinder access requires a username and password.